est. 2019
Lauren Copping

About Mont Design

ABOUT mont

Short for “Montgolfière” (the French word for hot air balloon), I chose Mont because it represents the nomadic nature from which the business was born.

Since launched in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2019, this one-woman-show has designed spaces in several countries including Australia, France, Indonesia, and the United States, and covers both commercial and residential markets.


Lauren is an enthusiastic soul who passes the time by admiring her surroundings wherever she might be in the world.

A proud addict of exploring new countries, unnoticed urban streets, or tall cliff edges that always change her perspective. She's a wanderer and eternal optimist who just wants to leave the world a slightly brighter place.

Lauren is constantly striving to find the little things that add warmth, modernity, and elegance to the spaces she creates. She is not merely a professional in the industry of interior design, but rather someone who breathes in the finest details inspired by her experiences"